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handmaid does a weird pose

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Could yo maybe draw the handmaid?
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SORRY THIS TOOK FOREVER i had a busy weekend and a busy week but now i’m (hopefully) free to draw the rest

to all the people asking: i’ll DRAW THEM ALL no matter how long it takes, don’t worry!

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Oops, didn’t make her horns big enough, oh well.


HEY UHM. So are any of you going to Tokyo in Tulsa? I’m going to be working there and I’m really nervous about it and it’d be great to meet some of you if you’re going to be around. I’ll be working at Registration/Sakura Club every day until noon (I think) so it’d be super cool if you stopped by! ;u;

I wont be cosplaying, since i have to work, but if they don’t make me wear the staff shirt, Ill have a dave or nepeta shirt on. 

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Day 11: Fave Ancestor

The Handmaid is so pretty.

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I’m late for the challenge by three days but now I continue

Day 11: Fave Ancestor

Welcome to another episode of: Piim fucks around with textures

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I still have an art block, so I’ve been stress-relief drawing Homestucks in various outfits.

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best fronds or worst anemones?

idk i like these two together for some reason

i daresay scratch had good taste in troll gals